Bloginfluencer.com is the weekly chart that ranks the global influence of Fashion Bloggers in the World.

Nowadays there are so many fashion bloggers around that brands PRs are literally in trouble because making decisions and choosing the right bloggers for collaborations has become a nightmare. That’s why Bloginfluencer has been designed with the media buyers in mind. There was a need to compare bloggers and to make better decisions about communication campaigns.

The Global Chart is a weekly chart measuring how a fashion blogger is doing relative to all other fashion bloggers on the Internet.

Bloginfluencer is entirely based on objective and public data, no subjective judgments nor personal opinions are taken into any account.

The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that automatically analizes all the influence factors: the blog traffic estimates by Alexa, the backlinks count according to Alexa and Google, the importance of the website measured by Google PageRank, the number of indexed pages on Google, the number of Instagram followers and posted media, the number of likes and users talking about the Facebook page, the number of Twitter followers, the number of YouTube videos, subscribers and views and the number of followers and +1 on Google+

Bloginfluencer also provides a similar country-specific ranking, which is a measurement of how a blogger ranks in a particular country relative to other bloggers over the past week, according to Alexa country-specific traffic estimate combined with the same social influence as above.

For every blogger there is a page with the global rank, the country specific rankings, when available, and the Follow Button to receive a weekly rank update.

Last but not least, every ranked blogger can get his personal Bloginfluencer Badge widget for free. This badge can be added on the blog and will automatically update every week. It can also be freely used in bloggers mediakits.